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Cheapa Campervan & Motorhomes Hire

Cheapa Campervans, just as from the sound of their name, is a campervan hire company that is committed to providing low-cost campervan hire in Australia. The company has nine campervan hire locations located throughout Australia which covers Cairns, Broome, Alice Springs and all the capital cities.

The company has a range of motorhome rental options with their fleet including the Cheapa 6-berth, the Cheapa 4-berth, the Cheapa Hi-Top (2/3 berth), the Cheapa 4WD Camper (2-berth) and the Cheapa 2-berth. Cheapa Campervans supplies each vehicle with a complimentary Welcome Package that includes sugar sachets, coffee, tea, salt and pepper, soap a sponge dishwashing liquid, mini shampoo and conditioner, matches. Customers are also offered additional options, such as, fans, heaters, GPS navigation systems baby seats, and outdoor table and chairs, which allow customers to custom tailor their campervan holiday.

Aside from locations in Australia, Cheapa Campervans also operates in the United States of America and New Zealand. The company offers budget friendly vehicle hire options like relocations that start from $1 a day.

All Cheapa campervan hires require a bond at the time the vehicle is picked up.  The cost of the bond is $5000 which can be reduced to as little as $250 depending on the reduction Option the hirer selects. The bond is refundable provided the vehicle sustains no damage.

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