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Family Campervan & Motorhomes Hire

There’s never been a better road trip than a family road trip! Family is a New Zealand based campervan hire company that offers campervans, motorhomes, and RV hires. Each hire carries and sleeps two to four persons, and offers all the amenities to enjoy a true self-drive holiday.

New Zealand features magnificent beaches and prehistoric glaciers, as well as, everything between. A self-drive holiday offers you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy and discover the terrain at a pace that you design. Whether you are travelling on a weekend holiday or one that will last months, the hire company has the ideal solution that will provide a holiday that features all the amenities of home.

Family Fleet of Campervans:

• 2 Berth
• 4 Berth

Family campervans are equipped with modern conveniences that include all the facilities that are necessary to enjoy a holiday without having to check in somewhere. The company offers low-cost insurance to ensure that each hirer has the liability cover they require while on their self-drive holiday.

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